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Cell2Bio AB focus on cell culture technologies. Our platform enables cells to grow in a three-dimensional environment allowing cells to form 3D spheroids. Our platform can be used in multiple applications such as drug discovery, regenerative medicine and cancer research.

Co-Founder & CEO

Jan Stålemark

Background from KI, SU & SSE. 30 years of international business leader experience in LifeScience

Co-Founder & CSO

Harisha Ramachandraiah, PhD

Background from KTH SciLife Lab. Expert in Nano Biotech. Winner of the KTH Innovation Challenge BIOTECH.

Co-Founder & CTO

Associate Professor, Torbjörn Pettersson

Background from KTH and Akzo Nobel. Expert in Chemical Engineering. Extensive research in fibers and surface interactions.

Co-Founder & Senior Advisor

Prof. Aman Russom, PhD

Background from KTH and Harvard. 20 years experience in microfluidics and point of care diagnostics.

The problem to solve

  • 2D Cell Culture doesn't mimic the anatomy and an environment of tumors in patients.

  • Current 3D Cell Growth products on the market require high number of cells and are not easy to use.

  • There is a need for a solutions with high performance and reproducibility.

Today we have a platform for 3D Cell Growth

  • Strong Scientific Evidence and IP
  • SE Patent 2021-12-17 // PCT filed 2022-12-15
  • Two scientific peer reviewed articles published.
  • Preliminary evaluations are very promising (Thomas Helleday’s Group at KI)
  • Our platform for cell culture can be used in many applications
  • Our initial focus is drug discovery in oncology
  • Personalized medicine

Why 3D Spheroids? – Because tumors are not 2D Monolayer!

  • 2D cell culture is not an effective model to test cancer cell drugs as tumors are in 3D spheroids in real life.
  • Cancer stem cells are difficult to retrieve from tumours as they are few in numbers.
  • Personalised medicine to avoid resistance to treatment and monitor effect of ongoing treatment.
  • Dose optimisation to maximize effect of the drugs. High dose not equal to maximum effect!
  • High numbers of cells required to grow cells causing problems due to that cell lines are limited in supply.
  • Most products are complicated to use causing inconsistent test results.

There is a need for a better solution

  • Mimic the anatomy and an environment of  tumours in patients.
  • Require low number of cells
  • Easy to use
  • Robust performance with high reproducibility
  • Sustainable materials•Reasonably priced

Our product is easy to use!

  • Available on standard plate formats
  • We can coat most other surfaces according to individual customers preferences and future demands
  • Requires less than 10 cells per well
  • We use sustainable materials

Example of some applications

  • Measure the effect on drug treated spheroids
  • Dose optimisation to maximize effect of cancer drugs. High dose is not equal to maximum effect!
  • Personalised medicine to avoid resistance to treatment and monitor effect of ongoing treatment